Creative Impressions Studio

We are a brother/sister team dedicated to giving people great photography at an affordable price. We both have had many years of experience with film and darkroom photography as well as digital photography.
We realize that anyone can pick up a camera to take a picture, but we also realize that there is a lot more to taking a good picture than just being there pointing the camera. Combining that knowledge with being there allows us to take some unique image. More...

About Your Photographers


Our photographers love to do photography! Together they have over 40 years working with digital and film photography techniques. There are still times when one of them will just grab a camera and go out to take pictures of the lake, like above, or other things in the area and Steven has been told more than once by people that they wouldn't recognize him without his camera in hand.

Photography is our passion and it is what we love to do.

Check out the bio's below for more information on this brother/sister team. Each brings some unique talents to the business.

Cindy's Bio

Steven Bio