Creative Impressions Studio

We are a brother/sister team dedicated to giving people great photography at an affordable price. We both have had many years of experience with film and darkroom photography as well as digital photography.
We realize that anyone can pick up a camera to take a picture, but we also realize that there is a lot more to taking a good picture than just being there pointing the camera. Combining that knowledge with being there allows us to take some unique image. More...

Available Proofs

Click on a link below to log in to view the proofs for that section. This login is seperate from a user login with the website as you need to create a user account to order pictures via the online ordering system.

Proofs are quick images that are made available for clients to review. There is touchup work that could be done on them that isn't until a picture is ordered so these images are not exactly as they will be when printed.

Bruce Fout

Chris and Katy Valasin 28-Aug-2010

Marilyn Forton