Creative Impressions Studio

We are a brother/sister team dedicated to giving people great photography at an affordable price. We both have had many years of experience with film and darkroom photography as well as digital photography.
We realize that anyone can pick up a camera to take a picture, but we also realize that there is a lot more to taking a good picture than just being there pointing the camera. Combining that knowledge with being there allows us to take some unique image. More...

Photography Services

There are so many different types of photography available and so much confusion as well. Photography can be an art, though it isn't always. A photographer can spend the time looking over the scene he is shooting in, looking at the lighting, looking at what objects are there, picturing in his mind what he wants the final picture to look like, change the camera settings and then test to see if he is capturing the enviroment the way he wants before he even adds a person to it. When you have someone who will do this, you have someone who is looking at photography from an artistic point of view.

You can also have the person who sets his camera to automatic, places someone in the scene, clicks off some pictures and hopes they get something that's worth keeping. They allow chance to determine if they get 'the shot' or not.

Then you also have some who will do the above and think that they can use editing software to 'fix' whatever isn't correct in the image. However, the more you manipulate an image in software, the more damage that you can cause to it as well. You are playing with the pixels that make up the image, as you move them around or manipulate them you create artifacts, which are just pixels that no longer match their surrounding area or you may get a grainy looking picture..

We both have experience in taking pictures with film. When shooting film, you want to make sure to get that image as close to your vision at the camera as, while you can do many things in the darkroom, it isn't always easy to correct things in the darkroom. Does this mean we don't manipulate our images? No, with digital you have to, but it does mean we don't have a lot to do.

The services we provide are based on our styles as photographers. Know that whichever service you hire us for, we will bring all of our knowledge and experience to take the pictures you desire.

Event Pictures

Have a special event coming up and want some pictures taken? Maybe it's a fundraiser that you want to document? Maybe you have someone coming to town and want pictures taken with them? Whatever your special event is, we can help!

Family Portraits

Your family is always changing. The children grow, the family may have grown in size, etc. Having professional pictures documenting these changes will last lifetimes. We still have pictures in our family that are over 50 years old and if they are properly printed and treated, they can last 100-200 years so those memories can be shared for generations to come.

Senior Portraits

That senior year is always a little hectic and can get quite expensive. We can help you receive high quality pictures at a reasonable price. We even offer a special to get your family portrait taken at the same time as one of the senior portrait sessions so you can have a lasting memory of the family during this special time.

Sports Photography

Part of a youth league and needing someone to take team pictures? Part of a pro league and want someone to capture action shots during a game? We can help you out! Due to the training in film photography, Steven has become quite adept at timing the shot he wants and anticipating some of what is going on during a game to capture those difficult to get shots.

Wedding Photography

Weddings are always a stressful time, especially for the bride who usually is doing a lot of the arrangements. For most weddings, we have two photographers on site to cover it, which means if one has to change a batter or memory card, the other is still there taking pictures. We'd love to be able to meet with you and discuss what we can do for your wedding.

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