Creative Impressions Studio

We are a brother/sister team dedicated to giving people great photography at an affordable price. We both have had many years of experience with film and darkroom photography as well as digital photography.
We realize that anyone can pick up a camera to take a picture, but we also realize that there is a lot more to taking a good picture than just being there pointing the camera. Combining that knowledge with being there allows us to take some unique image. More...

Family Portraits

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A family portrait can consist of not only the entire family, but also of just certain members like above. These are Cindy's daughters, one of whom is off to college. These fun settings help make the people more relaxed, which helps to make better pictures.

We have multiple options for sessions, which start off at only 30 minutes long. This shorter session means that we can tailer the session to get the images you are looking for and helping to save some $$s.

We do offer a special where we can use some of the time from a senior portrait session to slip in a few family portrait shots so you can get both done at the same time. To get this special, you do need to have the family portrait taken during the senior portrait session.

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